Friday, June 13, 2014

Reason I Think Arsenal Don't Sign Cesc

Cesc Fabregas has officially sign for Chelsea. It is a heartbreak for Arsenal fans not just because we want him back, but we don’t want to make Chelsea stronger.

I’m glad this saga over quickly because it make my mind feel much easier now. We all understand that Arsenal didn’t want to sign him back but what we don’t understand is “WHY?”.

For me it come to this reason.

1. Position Concern – Losing Fabianski & Sagna meant Arsenal need re-inforcement in this area. Giroud certainly need another striker as a partner or competitor other tha Sanago. This mean priority must be given to goalkeeper, rightback and striker not midfielder.
2. Budget Balancing – Spending 30M on Cesc meant Arsenal need to cut some budget in other players required. Without any certain signing for the GK, LB & ST position, who knows how much Arsenal need to fork out to sign 3 players for this position. Arsene sure don’t want to break the Financial Fair Play isn’t he.

I strongly believe Arsene might sign Cesc if only he was available last season (before Ozil signing) or later in the transfer window when Arsenal have sign 3 players with budget still available to spend. But now we all just wish Cesc the best and hoping Arsenal get the players the team really needs.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Why Arsenal Need To Sign Fabregas

The transfer merry go round started again. Arsenal as usual have been linked with tons of players from the known to the unknown, from the youth until the players waiting for retirement. While it is annoying, it is really fun sometimes.

Among all of the transfer rumours and player linked to Arsenal, the most interesting one must be the Fabregas transfer saga. A bit of Déjà vu anyone? Another Fabregas saga to digest.

There has been a lot of mixed reaction about getting Cesc back to Arsenal. I think majority of Arsenal fans love to see him back. He just a player we love even after he turn his back against Arsenal. As for me, I really love to see him back. This is my point for wanting him back.

1. He Is World Class – We cannot deny the quality he had. He brings something different to the team. Considering how much we miss world class player during the absent of Ramsey & Ozil, bringing Cesc back is a no brainer. Another world class is just what we need.
2. Arsenal In Pole Position – The buyback clause anyone?  Arsenal should utilize this clause. Don’t let it slip.
3. Don’t Strengthen Our Rival – In order to win, we need to stronger & consistently winning compare to our rivals. Letting Cesc sign for our rival is just as good as weaken the Arsenal team because other team will getting stronger.
4. Love – Can’t we deny this? No. Arsenal love Cesc & Cesc also loves Arsenal. That makes Arsenal a favorite to sign him.
5. Injuries – Injuries never can leave Arsenal alone. Arsenal even loan Kim to fill the void left by injuries.  This season Arsenal need to be more ready and that’s why Cesc signing is a must.

Because of this 5 reason, I keep my finger cross and hoping that Cesc will wear Arsenal Puma jersey this summer. Please Arsene, let our dream come true.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Things Arsenal Players Can Learn From David Beckham

We all have known that David Beckham is training at Arsenal right now. It is overwhelming that Beckham prefer Arsenal rather than his former club ManUtd. I guess he always had “this child inside him that always want to be a gunners”.

For me, I prefer Beckham not to training there but to train the Arsenal players. What are his specialties that he can teach to the others? Freekick, crossing and long distant pass.

This three things are the things that current Arsenal team lacking. I think most of us Gooners agree with me here.

1. CROSS. I guess it was our major weak point right now. With the arrival of Giroud, we have this aerial threat in the box. All he need is a right ball cross to him from the wide. And how often we have saw the cross never met him or good enough. It is either the crosses are too long and worse not even past the first defender.

2. FREEKICK. Beckham are known as the best freekick taker in his generation. Many of freeick taken in the promising area are not fully taken advantage off. Arsenal can have 10 freekicks in promising area and scores none. A well taken freekick mean a lot at tight game where it is look like impossible to score from open play.

3. LONG PASS. While it is not critical in the current style of Arsenal game, it does help a lot during counter-attack. A well execute pass can possibly unleash Theo with his blistering speed and with current form of Theo Walcott, everybody can expect him to score.

These three things Arsenal currently lacking might earn Arsenal a lot of point. I would like to see Beckham in Arsenal shirt, but right now I just wish he can teach those youngsters the things he is very good at.